Windhoek -> Etosha

While at Chameleon Backpackers in Windhoek, I had the pleasure of getting to know Giulia, a Sicilian who owns her own travel company. She was on a trip around Africa to see the sights, but more importantly, to get to know the local people.

She will spend some time in hostels but prefers to stay in locals’ villages, getting to know the people and their culture.

She had been considering going to Etosha National Park in the north part of Namibia, but unless you have a car, it’s difficult to a) get up there, and b) get around in the park. When she found out I was renting a car to go to Etosha, she asked if she could join me, and I was happy to have the company.

After picking up the rental car, we were off on our five hour drive to see the animals. As Namibia (and the vast majority of Africa) are right hand drive, it was a bit of an adventure getting used to driving on the left side of the road. Combine that with the manual transmission in the car, and I’ve had to reprogram everything that’s in my nature when it comes to driving.


Giulia and I stayed outside the park the first two nights – it was a little cheaper and we were able to stay in our preferred accommodations – she in a tent and me in a tent-cabin. My tent-cabin was a very cool place, complete with an outdoor toilet and shower.



Shower on the left, toilet on the right – both outside  

Because Giulia is so outgoing, we were friends with the staff In no time, especially a gentleman  named Kosmos, who was the bartender at the lodge. He had an infectious smile and twinkle in his eye.  Giulia and I looked forward to getting to know him better.

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